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Workers' Compensation Attorney Serving St. Louis County, Missouri

If you have been injured at work, do not wait to contact an attorney. You must report your injury to your employer immediately, schedule doctor’s appointments and meet other crucial deadlines or you could miss out on important benefits. At the St. Louis Law Office of Scott H. Green, we will make sure you do everything necessary to secure the full extent of workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

Here for Your Recovery and Protection

For over three decades, attorney Scott H. Green has been protecting the rights of people who have suffered on-the-job injuries and are in need of workers’ compensation. He understands that when an employee is injured, they are entitled to three main things:

  • Medical treatment: Your employer will pick which doctors you can see.

  • Temporary total disability benefits: If you miss more than three days of work, you are entitled to two-thirds of your pay for your time off work.

  • Settlement: You may also be eligible for permanent partial disability or permanent total disability benefits, depending on the extent of your injury.

We will help you obtain an accurate disability rating and negotiate a fair workers’ compensation settlement. We will also attend all docket settings, present at depositions, and protect your rights in court. We can also advise you if you have a second injury fund claim.

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Types of Work Injuries

There are two main types of situations that lead to work injuries: trauma caused by a specific instance and occupational diseases and disorders, which develop over time. We represent injured workers who have suffered a wide range of on-the-job injuries, including:

  • Back injury

  • Carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injury

  • Knee, shoulder, or joint injury

  • Broken bones

We represent people who work in all types of industries, including factory workers, office workers, police officers, and construction workers.

Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accidents

If you are a delivery truck driver or on-the-road salesman and you get into an accident while on the clock, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim and an auto accident claim. Dedicated to these two areas of practice, we can handle both aspects of your case together.

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Recent studies have shown that people who hire a lawyer receive settlements worth more than two times the amount of what people receive if they represent themselves. Handling cases on a contingency basis, we can provide you with representation at no up-front cost. Located in St. Louis, we also make home and hospital visits across Missouri. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and find out more.