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Who Pays My Medical Bills After an Accident
in St. Louis County, Missouri?

One of the biggest concerns injured accident victims have is the cost and payment of their medical bills. These are unexpected medical expenses that most injured people cannot afford to pay. Accident victims are often surprised to learn that they will be asked by health care providers to pay medical bills upfront or as they are incurred. This is an area of personal injury that requires a very skilled and experienced attorney.

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At the St. Louis Law Office of Scott H. Green, we protect the rights of individuals throughout Missouri who have been injured in a car accident. We are able to answer all your questions about medical bills and the best options for your particular case. Our St. Louis car accident injury lawyer, Scott H. Green, has more than three decades of experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to medical bill issues and solutions for his clients during this very difficult time.

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Medical Bills and Payment Options

There are three main options other than self-pay for paying medical bills for an auto accident victim. However, every situation is different, and we stress the importance of discussing yours with our experienced personal injury attorney.

  • Health insurance: If you have health insurance, this is a viable option for you. There are some pros and cons to this. For example, the at-fault party’s insurance company may argue that any contractual adjustments or write-offs that are taken by the health care providers are no longer included in the injured party’s damages. In addition, the health insurance carrier may try to pursue subrogation or repayment at the conclusion of the case or at settlement. In addition, there is the issue of co-payments and deductibles.

  • Med pay: Sometimes medical bills are paid using med pay coverage. This is an optional insurance coverage that may be under the auto insurance policy of the injured party or a policy on the car he or she was traveling in at the time of the accident.

  • Liens: Many times medical bills are handled by the health care provider agreeing to hold off on collection by placing a lien on the case. Medical bills with liens are then addressed at the conclusion of the case. Missouri law sets forth specific amounts each health care provider, that asserts a lien, receives out of a settlement.

Keep in mind that if you have been injured in an auto accident, you have the right to select your own health care provider, not the insurance company. Therefore, the hospital, doctor, therapist, or chiropractor does not usually directly bill the at-fault insurance company. Instead, the health care provider must be paid through health insurance, med pay, self-pay or at the conclusion of the case/settlement.

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